ITA offers clients impressive Fibre, ADSL and other capabilities to ensure the rapid transmission of data. Each of these offerings has something special to offer and caters to the needs of the speed junkie, the data commander and the business, even to the remotest of locations.

Our Radius environment has been developed over a number of years and we are constantly working to improve its functionality. Thanks to our service offering, you don’t need to procure expensive hardware, data centre infrastructure or deploy a development team.

We have the complete solution right here. We also provide a comprehensive reseller and wholesale offering at a competitive price point, where management of your link falls directly on us.

On our platform we provide you with the following:

Premium uncapped services
Multiple local fibre routes
Complete rebranding
Customisable radius development, if required
API integration
International routes via WACS and EASSy
Peering points across NAP Africa, JINX, DINX, CINX, LINX, AMS-IX, DE-CIX
Multiple radius servers and regional IPCs for redundancy
IPC capacity can be purchased for use within your own radius or internet breakout, or within the Network Platforms infrastructure
Access to ADSL, VDSL and the following FTTH operators: Vumatel, Openserve, MFN, SADV and Frogfoot
Quality unshaped traffic and no FUP

Radius Functionality

The ITA Radius functionality has DNS on authentication – as an account authenticates it updates the host name associated with the account. This is a powerful tool for remote management and monitoring, virtual private networks and internally hosted services. Our solution includes a number lock-down, an IP address allocated detail and displays the phone numbers connected and historical numbers used to connect to the account.

Additional features of our Radius includes:

  • Custom DNS for clients who prefer not to use the built-in DNS
  • A reseller platform which can be rebranded and customised
  • A top-up page always available, even when you are capped
  • A payment gateway for top-ups for those with merchant accounts
  • Daily usage reports and monthly reports via email
  • Full reporting functionality
  • Auto top-up capability
  • SMS and email notifications for usage

Fibre to the Business (FTTB)

ITA offers superior quality fibre solutions to the Zimbabwean organisation. Our offerings are uncapped, uncontended and affordable. We provide our clients with dynamic high-speed connectivity and substantial bandwidth so their WANs (wide area networks) are efficient and capable. The fibre optic connection speeds start at 4Mb per second and can achieve speeds of up to 10Gb per second, lightning fast in both upload and download and perfect for the modern business.

FTTB has impressive advantages over existing copper-wire internet connections including less speed degradation over distance, improved upload and download speeds, improved performance for high-demand applications and superb connectivity. Fibre connectivity is also scalable so we are able to upgrade any client’s capacity on short notice, whenever they need it. There is no need to install or implement new technology either – it’s swift, seamless and secure.

ITA offers the highest quality traffic on the market today. We harness the capabilities of the two international cable systems – WACS and EASSY – as well as multiple local routes for effortless and speedy connectivity.

Once a client has selected the FTTB option, installation can take a few months due to administrative processes and the level of fibre infrastructure in the area. To assist customers while they wait, a Licensed Microwave solution which is easily implemented and managed can be utilised. Clients can benefit from exceptional speed and connectivity without delay and, once the fibre has been installed, we can then make FTTB the primary connection with the Licensed Microwave link as a failover.

This failover link is automatically activated in the event of a failure and ITA offers monitoring and various support services for link management. We also provide internet bandwidth utilisation monitoring services which can be tailored to map back to each user or application. This then allows us to identify what, or who, is accessing bandwidth and gain deeper insight into issues or usage parameters. Controls are implemented to ensure your business critical applications receive preference and you can access this interface when required.


ITA has a robust, reliable and remarkable Microwave solution which can be up and running for your business in only a few days. With this solution, you are assured of connectivity 24/7, especially if it is used as a redundancy link which can step up if the fibre or traditional copper links go down. Our Microwave wireless is a professional, enterprise-level solution for organisations waiting on the installation of their FTTB connection as it assures them of powerful connectivity without delays.

Microwave is a wireless solution and it has the same advantages of optical fibre with exceptional upload and download speeds. It is an ideal service for organisations which are not serviced by either fibre or traditional copper cables and which require superior, always-on connectivity. It is also a reliable option for those who regularly experience copper cable theft and unreliable connectivity. It is a robust redundancy plan – if the primary link goes down, whether fibre or traditional copper, the Microwave failover will kick in without delay while engineers investigate the issue. The business remains connected while problems are quickly resolved.


ITA is a leading providers of satellite communication with an extensive range of high quality products and a dynamic portfolio of expertise and services. Our prices are competitive and our customer care is exceptional.

For organisations without cable, fibre or wireless infrastructure in remote locations, both rural and urban, the ITA satellite solution is the perfect solution. Our service is asynchronous which results in a differential between both upload and download speeds. Upload speeds start at 256kbps up to 3Mbps and download speeds vary from 1MB to 10MB – these are dependent on the package you select and your specific requirements.

The ITA satellite offering includes voice and data services. Our monitoring service is part of our service and designed to ensure that any issues are immediately communicated and resolved. You gain access to our specialised graphic interface and can use this to gain a quick overview of the capacity you are using at any one time. This ensures you are fully informed of all usage parameters and capacities at all times.

Multi-tenant Internet Solutions

High speed. Extensive connectivity. Complete bandwidth management. Multiple spaces or tenants. These are just some of the advantages of the specialised ITA multi-tenant internet solution packages. With our expertise we can provide you with a centralised connectivity solution for your housing estate or office park which is of superb quality and ideally tailored to your specific needs.

ITA has the tools and the knowledge to advise you on all aspects of a multi-tenant internet solution including:

  • Internet bandwidth allocation
  • Internet bandwidth management
  • Billing
  • Voice over IP (VoIP)
  • CCTV
  • Quality internet access and control


There is a variety of methodologies we can employ to implement your solution and these will be personalised to suit your requirements and budget.

SD Wan

ITAs’ SD WAN offers an ideal solution to enterprises looking to migrate their applications to cloud and SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) providers and to clients that have cloud infrastructure and are seeking to improve performance, especially for users not located near the primary instance. The solution combines enterprise-grade private connectivity to the cloud and application acceleration benefits. Clients are not required to utilise ITAs’ connectivity from the premises, but we recommend this option as it ensures that we have full control over service quality and capability.

Data De-duplication

We are able to eliminate duplicated and redundant data. Thus providing a service that could save up to 98% of data consumption.


The services comes with a 99.99% uptime providing multiple levels of redundancy including POP, edge link diversity and ANAP.

This will go hand in hand with our 24/7/365 CCIE 2nd level support to ensure business critical services are maintained.